Contribuciones al SLISW

Contribuciones SLISW 2017

  • Becker, P., Olsina, L. - Tuning the Analysis Activity of Quality Evaluation Strategies for different Purposes
  • Betarte, G., Campo, J., Cristiá, M., Gorostiaga, F., Luna, C., Sanz, C. - Towards formal model-based analysis and testing of Android’s security mechanisms
  • Orellana Rodriguez, L., Martinez, C. A., Castellini, M. A. - Requirement Analysis with Soft System Methodology
  • Barraza, N. R. - Mining Bugzilla datasets with new Increasing Failure Rate Software Reliability models
  • Perez Campos, A., Rodriguez, J. M., Zunino, A. - An Empirical Evaluation of a Simple Energy Aware Scheduler for Mobile Grids
  • Rodriguez, G., Teyseyre, A., Soria, A., Berdun, L. - A Visualization Tool to Detect Refactoring Opportunities in SOA Applications
  • Lizarrlade, I., Rodriguez, J. M., Mateos, C., Zunino, A. - Word Embeddings for improving REST services discoverability
  • Arias, M., Buccella, A., Cechich, A. - A Framework for Managing Requirements of Software Product Lines
  • Sanchez, R., Pinto-Roa, D. P. - Design of Software Effort Estimation Models An approach based on Linear Genetic Programming
  • Bibbo, L. M., Giandini, R., Pons, C. - DSL for Collaborative Systems with Awareness
  • Bogado, V., Gonnet, S., Leone, H. - DEVS-based Methodological Framework for Multi-Quality Attribute Evaluation using Software Architectures
  • Barsotti, D., Bordese, A. M., Hayes, T. - PEF: Python Error Finder
  • Rodriguez, D., Perez, C., Jagersand, M., Figueroa, P. - A Comparison of Smartphone Interfaces for Teleoperation of Robot Arms
  • Agüero, M., Ballejos, L. - Dependency Management in the Cloud: An Efficient Proposal for Java
  • Barbosa Santos, W., Cunha, J. A. O. G., Moura, H., Margaria, T. - Practical Implications from a Preliminary Theory of Simplicity in Agile Software Development Based on a Qualitative Study
  • Nuñez, G., González, M., Aquino, N., Cernuzzi, L. - A Model-Driven Approach to develop Rich Web Applications
  • Colla, P. - Extended framework to evaluate software warranty
  • Bollati, V., Gaona, G., Cuenca Pletsch, L., Gonnet, S., Leone, H. - The state of agile development adoption in argentine software companies
  • Roldán, M. L., Gonnet, S., Leone, H. - An Ontology-based Approach for Sharing, Integrating, and Retrieving Architectural Knowledge
  • Gutierrez Brida, S., Scilingo G. - Boolean Expression Extender - A Mutation Operator for Strengthening and Weakening Boolean Expressions

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