Contribuciones al SLIOIA

Contribuciones SLIOIA 2017

  • Vignolo, L. D., Gerard, M. F. - Evolutionary local improvement on genetic algorithms for feature selection
  • Rodriguez, T., Di Persia, L. E., Milone, D. H., Stegmayer, G. S. - Extreme Learning Machine prediction under high class imbalance in bioinformatics
  • Ibarrola, F. J., Di Persia, L. E., Spies, R. D. - On the use of convolutive nonnegative matrix factorization with mixed penalization for blind speech dereverberation
  • Chagas Tavares, J. C., Maldonado e Gomes da Costa, Y. - Music Mood Classification Using Visual and Acoustic Features
  • Von Lucken, C. D., Fretes Prieto, A., Ferreira, A., Barán Cegla, B. - Shape-based visual analysis of solutions for Multiobjective Optimization problems
  • Torres, M., Cáceres Silva, J. J., Jiménez, R., Yubero, V., Vega, C., Rolón, M., Cernuzzi, L., Barán, B., Paccanaro, A. - Drug Cocktail Selection for the Treatment of Chagas Disease: a Multi-objective Approach
  • de Amorim, R. X., da Silva, M. T., de Freitas, R. - Solving large instances applying meta-heuristics for classical parallel machine scheduling problems under tardiness and earliness penalties
  • Gama, S., de Freitas, R., Salvatierra, M. - Choosability in coloring problems of graphs with restricted color lists
  • Tommasel, A., Godoy, D. - Consensus Community Detection for Multi-dimensional Networks
  • Souza, A. A., Barcelos, T. S., Munoz, R., Silveira, I. F., Omar, N., Silva, L. A. - Self-Organizing Maps to Find Computational Thinking Features in a Game Building Workshop
  • López, W., Merlino, J., Rodríguez-Bocca, P. - Vector representation of Internet Domain Names using a Word Embedding technique
  • Perez, D., Astor, M., Perez Abreu, D., Scalise, E. - Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks Using Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques
  • Barsce, J. C., Palombarini, J. A., Martínez, E. C. - Towards Autonomous Reinforcement Learning: Automatic Setting of Hyper-parameters using Bayesian Optimization
  • Azocar Simonet, F. I., Acosta Espejo, L. G. - Searching the Efficient Frontier for the Coherent Covering Location Problem
  • Eitzen, H., Lopez-Pires, F., Baran, B., Sandoya, F., Chicaiza, J. L. - A Multi-Objective Two-Echelon Vehicle Routing Problem. An Urban Goods Movement Approach for Smart City Logistics
  • Vera Escobar, K. D., Lopez-Pires, F., Baran, B., Sandoya, F. - Multi-Objective Maximum Diversity Problem
  • Sosa-Toranzo, C., Ferretti, E., Errecalde, M. - Intention Reconsideration like Dichotomous Choice: an Argumentation-based Approach
  • Luque Mamani, E. F., Herrera Quispe, J. - Stochastic generation and forecasting of monthly hydrometeorological data based on non-traditional neural network

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