Contribuciones al SLIHS

Contribuciones SLIHS 2017

  • Sergio Fernández Martínez y Diego P. Pinto-Roa - Performance Evaluation of Non-Hitless Spectrum Defragmentation Algorithms in Elastic Optical Networks
  • Enrique M. Lizarraga, Alexis A. Dowhuszko, Graciela Corral-Briones,
    Gaston Peretti, Walter Herrera - A Method to Shorten Signals in SM-OFDM
  • Horacio A. Mendoza and Graciela Corral-Briones, Juan Martin Ayarde y
    Guillermo G. Riva - Spectrum Coexistence of LEO and GSO Networks: An Interference-Based Design
    Criteria for LEO Inter-Satellite Links
  • Nehuen Gonzalez-Montoro, Jorge M. Finochietto - Survivability Analysis on Non-Triconnected Optical Networks under Dual-Link Failures
  • Claudio J. Paz y Sergio Nesmachnow - Double Coupling Between Inertial Sensors and Visual Odometry in Multicopters
  • Loriana Sanabria Sancho y Elena Gabriela Barrantes - Implementing an ISR defense on a MIPS architecture
  • Nabil Chamas, Fabio López-Pires y Benjamín Barán - Two-Phase Virtual Machine Placement Algorithms for Cloud Computing: An Experimental Evaluation
    under Uncertainty
  • Vinicius Facco Rodrigues, Everton Correa, Cristiano André da Costa
    y Rodrigo da Rosa Righi - On Exploring Proactive Cloud Elasticity for Internet of Things Demands
  • Karoline de M. Farias, Wilson Leal R. Junior, Ranulfo P. Bezerra Neto,
    Ricardo A. L. Rabelo y Andre M. Santana - An Approach for Environment Mapping and Control of Wall Follower Cellbot Through Monocular Vision
    and Fuzzy System
  • Matías Hirsch and Cristian Mateos and Juan M. Rodriguez y
    Alejandro Zunino - A performance comparison of data-aware heuristics for scheduling jobs in mobile Grids
  • Ana Morales Bezeira, María Villapol, Eugenio Scalise, Cesar Naranjo y
    Fabian Alvárez - Analysis of the Dynamic Service Flow Management Transactions Protocol for MAC
    IEEE 802.16. An Aproach

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